Florence the dog spent the majority of her life confined to a tiny cage on a dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea. The cage was so small, that she had no space to move around. This caused her to have severely deformed back legs


Florence the dog spent the majority of her life confined to a tiny cage on a dog meat farm in Wonju, South Korea. The cage was so small that she had no space to move around, causing her back legs to become severely deformed. Her early years were filled with unimaginable suffering, as she endured cramped conditions, inadequate food, and constant fear.

Florence’s ordeal began when she was just a puppy, sold to the dog meat farm where she would spend years in confinement. The cage’s metal bars dug into her skin, and the lack of space prevented her from even standing up properly. With no opportunity to exercise or stretch, her back legs twisted into unnatural positions, making every movement painful.

For years, Florence knew nothing but the dark, grim reality of the dog meat trade. Her life was a constant struggle for survival, with limited food and water, and the sight and sound of other dogs in distress all around her. Her spirit, however, remained resilient.

Florence’s fate took a turn for the better when an animal rights group, alerted by whistleblowers, raided the dog meat farm. Among the dozens of dogs they found, Florence stood out. Her sad, but hopeful eyes told a story of enduring suffering. The rescuers were horrified by the conditions and immediately took action to save her and the other dogs.

At the rescue center, Florence received immediate medical attention. The veterinarians were shocked at the state of her back legs. They determined that she would need extensive surgery and physical therapy to correct the deformities and alleviate her pain. Despite the challenges, Florence showed incredible resilience and a will to recover.

Months of surgery, therapy, and compassionate care followed. Florence gradually learned to walk again with the help of custom braces and dedicated therapists who worked tirelessly to improve her mobility. Throughout her recovery, her gentle nature and gratitude shone through, endearing her to everyone who met her.

Florence’s journey from a cramped cage to a loving environment captured the hearts of many. Her story was shared widely, drawing attention to the brutal realities of the dog meat trade and sparking a wave of support and activism. People from around the world contributed to her medical costs and campaigned for stricter animal welfare laws in South Korea.

After a long recovery, Florence was ready for a forever home. Her story reached a family who had been following her progress and felt a deep connection to her journey. They welcomed her into their home with open arms, providing her with the love and care she had been deprived of for so long.

In her new home, Florence thrived. She enjoyed the freedom to roam, play, and bask in the sun. Her deformities, once a symbol of her suffering, became a testament to her strength and resilience. Florence’s transformation from a neglected dog on a meat farm to a beloved family pet became a symbol of hope and change.

Florence’s story continues to inspire efforts to end the dog meat trade and improve animal welfare globally. Her journey is a reminder of the profound impact that compassion and determination can have, turning tales of suffering into stories of hope and healing.


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