If You Discover a Plastic Bottle Caught in the Wheel of Your Car You could be in danger, though.


Folks, always keep your eyes peeled because danger can sometimes sneak up on you in the strangest ways possible. In this article, we’ll discuss something that your high school teachers and driving instructors likely never warned you about: the hazard of finding a plastic bottle stuck in the space between your tire and your car’s body, also known as the wheel well.

If this ever happens to you, proceed with caution. Handling this situation improperly could have serious repercussions. Have I stressed you out yet? Keep reading to learn about the “bottle on the car tire trick.”

Why is Finding a Plastic Bottle in Your Wheel Well Bad?

Environmental Concern
Firstly, the bottle is not being recycled properly. Its presence in your wheel well indicates an issue with proper disposal.


Intentional Placement by Criminals
More importantly, finding a plastic bottle in your wheel well usually means someone put it there on purpose. A strong gust of wind could never hurl a bottle into such a tight space, and you’re unlikely to find a squirrel that agile. The truth is, a human (or a group of them) put it there, and they’re likely up to no good.

The “Bottle on the Car Trick”

Origin and Spread
This trick was first reported in Limpopo, South Africa, and a video from Mexico warning about this act quickly went viral. While the video informed drivers about the trick, it also inadvertently provided a strategy for wannabe thieves.

How the Trick Works

  1. Targeting the Car
    A criminal targets an unattended parked car and places a plastic bottle inside the crevice of one of the tires and its wheel well.
  2. Observation
    The criminal then hides nearby, keeping an eye on the car.
  3. The Driver’s Reaction
    When the driver returns, they likely won’t notice the bottle. As they start the car and try to pull away, the plastic bottle will create a loud, unsettling noise.
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  5. Moment of Opportunity
    The driver, likely in a panic, will stop, leave the keys in the ignition, open the car door, and walk around to find the source of the noise—most likely the passenger’s side.
  6. Theft
    As the driver crouches down to remove the bottle, the criminal seizes the opportunity to either jump into the car and drive off or steal valuables from the vehicle.

Stay Vigilant

Always check your car for anything unusual before driving off, especially if it’s been parked in an unfamiliar or unsecured location. By staying aware of such tricks, you can protect yourself and your belongings from potential theft.


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