The Three Categories of Individuals


A teacher shows three toys to a student and asks the student to find the differences. All three toys appear identical in shape, size, and material.

After keen observation, the student notices holes in the toys:

  • The first toy has holes in both ears.
  • The second toy has holes in the ears and mouth.
  • The third toy has a single hole in one ear.

Using a needle, the student conducts an experiment:

  1. In the first toy, the needle inserted into one ear comes out the other ear.
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  3. In the second toy, the needle inserted into the ear comes out of the mouth.
  4. In the third toy, the needle inserted into the ear does not come out.


  1. First Toy: Represents people who give the impression that they are listening and caring, but in reality, they do not retain anything you say. The information goes in one ear and out the other. Be cautious while speaking to such people, as they do not truly care.
  2. Second Toy: Represents people who listen and seem to care but will use your words against you. They leak confidential information for their own purposes. Be wary of trusting such individuals, as they may betray your confidence.
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  4. Third Toy: Represents people who truly listen and keep your trust. They do not let out the information you share. These are the people you can count on and should keep in your company.

Moral: Always stay in the company of people who are loyal and trustworthy. Not everyone who listens to you can be counted on when you need them the most.


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